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Psychedelic Bliss

Look out for the sun… we hear sunny days have arrived and we have just the perfect swimwear line for this season. Our first swimwear line, called "Psychedelic Bliss" is inspired by the flower power wave, dreamy imaginations and euphoric sensations. 

As usual, we like to mix different colours to create energy-boosting products.


“She followed the sound of the waves, of his beautiful voice and of her heart to dive deep under the sea. And there, deep in the water, she found herself admiring a whole new world, a world some called Aqualand.”




The singularity, the inimitable uniqueness of her body came to the foreplan as he gently kissed her, carefully watching not to burn her as he knew their love was too passionate at times. He was the hottest lover anyone could dream of. His name? the Sun.




Were they really in a jungle, or was this just the  fruit of their imagination? They didn’t know, as in this moment, they both felt an ecstasy of their senses, all of them suddenly composing a harmonic symphony in which bad feelings were far far away. 



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